Affiliate marketing is a marketing tactic used online in order to promote and advertise the products of various brands and companies. In affiliate marketing bloggers, influencers sign up as Affiliates on brand websites and then promote the brand through blogs on their own website. For every signup or sale that takes place through their affiliate links, they earn a hefty commission.

Can you imagine if someone comes over your website and just enters his email address. Do you know the amount you can earn? 

It's freaking 2$ - 6$ per email signup. It is possible because of Affiliate Marketing

If someone buys a product or service from your affiliate link then also you earn around 20% - 80% commission. For example, if a 100$ product is sold through your link then you can earn up to 80$ from it. affLIFT is a forum which teaches Affiliate Marketing to beginners and helps them earn their first dollars through affiliate marketing.

  Affiliate marketing helps in generating an approximate of 20% of the annual revenue. The research by Inc indicates that this industry of affiliate marketing is expected to generate around 7 billion dollars by the year 2020

Affiliate Marketing can bring you unexpected and lots of money if done in the right way. You will find lots of learning stuff around affiliate marketing. affLIFT is a trusted forum which will train you in affiliate marketing and will help you generate your first income through affiliate Marketing methods. Activate your Free account and start earning today. Proceed to affLIFT

2. Nielsen Survey (US Only)

Nielsen has been helping businesses to understand their consumer behavior. For doing this they ask people across the globe about the content they like to watch on TV, their online surfing experience for the target company, as well as the products they’re buying or would like to buy. They use integrated consumer neuroscience technology to capture your response for advertising and other marketing communications. Their pay is at par with other survey competitors. Visit Nielson Cash And Rewards and start earning today.

3. Opinion City

Top market research companies need suggestions and opinions to make their future decisions on products and services through surveys done by users of a specific region. They claim you can earn more than 500$ per month from the comfort of your home. The amount you earn may be small but still, something is better than nothing.

4. Neevo Defined Crowd

They are working on artificial intelligence projects and needs human help to make the AI work more sharply. You are given very small tasks like record your voice for the shown text. They pay well as compared to other counterparts. It is similar to mturk in terms of work assignments. The website is user-friendly and you can easily great amount depending upon the kind of work. Proceed to the site Neevo.

5. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the most trusted and reliable survey sites. You are paid here to take short surveys. They offer rewards even for playing games and watching videos! This site is very popular and already used by millions of people across the globe for earning quick bucks in a short time. Proceed to the site Swagbucks

6. Google Opinion Rewards

You can find an app with this name in the google play store. You are paid just to make 2 to 3 clicks within a 5 sec survey through app. You can use those credits for purchasing an app over the play store. Within seconds of time, you earn a decent amount of dollars.

7. CashMagnet Android App

You just need to install the app into your android app and do nothing. This is a passive income source. Proceed to the App Cashmagmet. Kindly go through the various options available within the app for better payouts.

8. Lionbridge

They are also similar Appen but are comparatively a good paymaster. They also pay around 10-15 $ per hour depending upon the task. Proceed to the site Lionbrigde.

9. Survey Savvy

Get paid for short surveys and through their app on survey savvy. Proceed to the App Survey Savvy

Earning Through Online Tutoring

Get paid around 15$- 25$ for teaching english to kids online through your laptop or phone. Here are the list of sites you can register today and start earning.

10. 51 TALK


12. DaDaABC

13. NiceTalk Tutor

Hope you will be able to earn through the above websites. There are many more websites available that I will update in future posts. For more ways of earning online, go through Make Money Online post.

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